love stricken fate
"How can you tell me you love me. And hurt me this way?"
– my broken heart

Some couples

Some couples dream of being together,

Distance might have been a trigger.

Miles apart—love finds a way

To give the heart hope each day.

We weren’t one of those—some couples

But trigger still is the distance

Too close my face towards yours

Too tight my hand grasps yours

Too many spoken words

Space was non-existent

And breathing was heavy

I could just find us—lost and unsteady.

Walking away

Hoping for a better day.

The former “us” is what I wished—

but reality strikes and tells me otherwise.

No chasing this time

No falling teardrops

Just a faint hint of “I hope this would STILL work”

No restoring

But a new beginning

Wish I could wake up and be okay one day

My mind just tells me—

Honey, it don’t work that way.

If things will be better,

Work is required.

If things will be normal,

Effort is needed.

Two things you can’t give

Two things I can’t achieve—alone.

So there I still go wandering in my thoughts

Separating myself just only in my mind

Until the day comes—

When my shadow you can no longer find.

Maybe by then, we’ll be—

Some couples. 


I passed out at 12AM, faintly waking up after 3 hours or so.

His face was beside me. His breathing, stabilized. In this state I felt he was the angel I’ve always waited to come. My hands stretch slowly to hold his face.

It was real. What WE have is real.

It felt perfect, all the stillness— slowly melting away all the doubts and fears. I wish everything was always like this, in pure blissful symphony of silence.

But I knew when morning comes, at the back of my mind, war will continue, the thoughts will flow. And I am left to ask, “is this worth fighting for?”. If I were to answer at this very moment..

a “Yes” will suffice.

– msnicadr

Me for the past month. :(

Me for the past month. :(

"God does some of his best, best work when our hearts are broken."
– Shauna Niequist (via rainydaysandblankets)

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So blessed to have my parents.♡

An apology to God


You know me. You know my ways. You know my thoughts.
I’ve been so far away from You, lately. I rarely.. rarely talk to you. And if I do, it’s but a faint cry of the battles I’ve had for the day, usually, it involves me asking for rest.

But today, after all that neglect from my part, You decided to unveil Your majesty by answering one of my prayers.

I got in a project that I had hoped to ba a part of in our company. For months I’ve been thinking of leaving this firm but now, I know, somehow, why You made me stay despite all the things that I’m stressed about.

Lord, Your live never fails. And it just.. leaves me awestruck. I can’t begin to imagine what You have in store for me. I know this is just the beginning, Lord, and I believe this happened because You want me back.. and I so— want to be back in Your arms, Father. This is more than a wake up call.

All of whatever what I do, whether be at work or at home, I want to dedicate it all to You and for Your name to be uplifted. Thank You, Lord!

I claim SUCCESS in this project.
I receive the protection You will pour upon us all.

Thank You Lord, so much!

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just what I needed. 
Thank you, Lord. :)

just what I needed

Thank you, Lord. :)

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"Today, I resolved to stop running away, face the fears and cling to the destiny God has for me"
– msnicadr


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